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WETSHO TEE ENGINEERING SURVEYORS provides a comprehensive set of professional surveying services integrated to meet the unique challenges associated with land based projects. Our experience backed up by the state of the art equipment and carefully designed procedures, can provide fast, efficient results for projects ranging from small residential surveys to highly technical and long term construction and development projects in such areas as:

Integrity and professional service has resulted in stable, long term relationships with our valued clients. As surveyors we contribute an in-depth understanding of specific requirements for each project and strive to meet those needs in a manner that will ensure a successful, cost effective completion of the project. For the confidence of our clients and employees, WETSHO TEE ENGINEERING maintains full insurance coverage for Professional Liability, General Liability, and Workers Compensation.

WETSHO TEE ENGINEERING SURVEYORS endeavours to provide competent, technically sound, and comprehensive surveying support to every project in which we are involved. Owners, lenders, architects, engineers, and contractors will all benefit from the contributions of a competent surveyor.


  • Construction Survey: Setting out of roads, concrete works, bolts and plinths for mechanical installations, pipelines, Town services, power lines, building gridline and general earthworks.
  • CAD – Draughting and compilation of drawings.
  • GPS Survey: Precision survey of beacons and establishing of Survey Networks.
  • DTM: Detail survey of roads, new development sites and stands.
  • Precision monitoring of Structural works: Bridges, Tunnels and earth retaining walls.
  • GIS data capture and processing.
  • Checking and verifying inaccuracies of existing surveys in question.
  • Mining: Setting out of blast patterns and calculating volumes, Underground survey checks and Gyro Bases.
  • Measuring Quantities of earthworks, layer works, stockpiles, pipelines, road kerbs with the use of Modelmaker, Roadmaker and Pipemaker.
  • Laser Survey: 3D scanning and Profiling, Aerial and ground laser surveys.

Our Vision: To grow continuously in an ever-changing environment, providing an accurate professional service making theory a practical reality.

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